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The Federal Government is LOST

by on Nov.18, 2012, under Australian

Have you noticed what this Gillard regime has done for Australia or is planning on doing?

  • It removed and replaced the Industrial Relations Legislation that kept employment thriving, and protected employers from rapid wage and conditions increases.
  • It squandered our surplus and debt free status and has now locked us in to a 228,000,000,000 debt
  • It has provided 19 new taxes in 7 years
  • It stifled democratic debate into global Warming
  • It introduced a Carbon Tax after guaranteeing to the public they would not ever introduce one.
  • It destroyed the Howard Pacific asylum seeker solution
  • It allowed China to buy up land in Australia.
  • It was complicit in the deaths of 4 people in the Pink Batts debacle
  • It rolled out the NBN without a mandate and without ever having it costed.
  • It introduced legislation meaning for a future Government to stop the NBN they would be providing  large penalties to any companies affected.
  • It has made the NBN filtering controlled by the Federal Government
  • It is involved in talks to hand control of filtering the internet over to the UN.
  • It has been censoring media to restrict the truth being printed with regard their performance.
  • It gave politicians a pay rise of approx 40% making the PM of Australia the highest paid leader in the World.
  • It has forced Manufacturing to move overseas or close down to remain competitive
  • It has been trying to change the Australian constitution
  • Since inheriting a surplus of almost $20 billion from Peter Costello, Swan has handed down four of the biggest Budget deficits on record – $27 billion, $54.8 billion, $47.7 billion and this week the final accounts were released for last financial year showing another deficit of $43.7 billion.
  • Yet the government members were congratulating themselves when Swan and Finance Minister Penny Wong announced that the latest figure wasn’t quite as bad as the $44.4 billion predicted just five months ago. Never mind that Swan had originally said it would be only a $22 billion deficit – you have to search through the ghosts of Budgets past to find that long abandoned number.
  • Labor is living off its reputation for saving Australia from recession during the global financial crisis. The trail of deficits was the price to pay for the combined effect of a massive $150 billion wiped from revenue and the decision to pump $50 billion-plus into the economy to stimulate activity and protect jobs. There’s no regrets from Swan as Australia’s economy has emerged with low inflation, more jobs and in better overall shape than comparable countries.
  • But the deficit still haunts him. Costello had 10 surpluses in 12 years. A Labor government has not delivered one since Paul Keating in 1989-90.
  • Swan says his next Budget – the all-important pre-election accounts – will deliver a $1.5 billion surplus. It’s an audacious quest requiring the biggest-ever one-year turnaround of $45 billion! He needs all to go right but already has been forced to admit that commodity prices have tumbled more than Treasury had expected.
  • Swan concedes that “will hit government revenues significantly” and means it will be “harder to deliver a Budget surplus”.
  • Having chained Labor’s credibility to the precious promise of a surplus in 2012-13, Swan and Julia Gillard are now gearing up for a pre-Christmas mini-Budget to make more spending cuts to keep the pledge on track.
  • It has attacked Australia Day
  • It has attacked ANZAC Day
  • It has attacked Christmas
  • Cutbacks in the Defence of our Country while out troops are still overseas
  • Higher taxes and more cutbacks in Australia, while the current regime is giving $billions away overseas.
  • Electricity price increases have been proven to be as a direct result of Federal Government Policy disasters.
  • This Federal regime took Health funding away from NSW to administer themselves, after 12 months of inaction they threw it back to the State Government
  • There have been numerous allegations of the AG interfering in cases.
  • The original data that the regime’s Climate Change modelling was based on has been ‘LOST’
  • The documentation for setting up the ‘slush fund’ for her boyfriend using AWU money has been ‘LOST’
  • The Conveyancing documentation that Gillard created to buy a house for her boyfriend using Union money has been ‘LOST ‘
  • Documents lodged with the Federal Court re the AWU scandal have been ‘LOST’
  • In the Peter Slipper disgrace, the Government still gives it’s total support behind him after parading him as their new Speaker of the House.
  • The Craig Thomson disgrace over alleged fraud against the HSU in using his Union Credit Card to pay for prostitutes, and getting cash advances of $200,000.  The Government still support him against these claims.
  • The Australian Government Solicitor was heavily involved with this case as the FWA investigator had NO experience or training.  Even after the huge expense of using their service FWA referred the case to the DPP in the form of a Memorandum, rather then a Brief of Evidence, ensuring the DPP would not be able to pursue this matter at that time.   This occurred after a 3.5 year Investigation into this matter.
  • Nicola Roxon and Bill Shorten had been mentioned as taking interest in this matter, although they deny interference.
  • FWA refused to assist NSW and Victorian Police with their Investigation into this matter meaning the Police did not have access to all the evidence accrued to date, and delaying their case investigation.

This joke of a Gillard regime has  been touting itself as a responsible Government but when you look at the facts, not only are they fiscally inadequate, they are devoid of ethics and a large question mark is above their involvement with some highly suspicious matters mentioned above.

They say to lose one set of evidence is careless, to lose 2 is suspicious, however to lose more is incompetence at a minimum.  Anyone who still supports this regime must have no ethics at all as there is far too much to be regarded as bad luck







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