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Religion is not a new concept

by on Apr.22, 2018, under Australian


There is a lot of argument about religion being a fabrication as we never had religion prior to Judaism as a religion first appearing in Greek records during the Hellenistic period (323 BCE – 31 BCE).

Now this is a understandable argument for the narrow minded Socialists who want Christianity to cease its existence…. but as I mention a narrow minded view. You must look beyond how religion is today to see the facts. If you look at any of the so called primitive cultures, it is apparent they had their own belief systems and ways of expressing their beliefs and these have been traced to earliest man in some way or form.

So if ‘GOD’ does not exist why is it no matter where they came from or how “primitive” the people were, they still believed in something beyond their tangible existence. The question therefore is why? If there is no higher existence, why has mankind since it’s earliest days found they needed to appease and pray to their vision of god, even if this image was a totem or their prayers were expressed in a dance or ritual.

Times change, peoples beliefs don’t though. The only change is how these beliefs are perceived and expressed.
The idea of needing a priest or similar to teach us about religion is no different to the use of a Sharman, witch doctor or whoever. And the written word is not that far removed from cave or rock paintings. I will make it clear in none of these did homosexuality appear, as it just had no place in any of their societies.

And this is what the Socialists are trying to destroy our natural belief so they can control our will and way of acting. So when these supposed intellectuals start arguing against organised religion remember religion today is a result of religio going back to the existence of man on Earth. It has just been interpreted differently. And in some cases it is hijacked by men and used to assert their own will on their followers.

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Earths Next Magnetic Pole Reversal

by on Mar.18, 2018, under Australian

On the right, a model of what the magnetic field might be like during a reversal. NASA/Gary Glazmaier, CC BY

On the right, a model of what the magnetic field might be like during a reversal. NASA/Gary Glazmaier, CC BY

While the Sociolists have been trying to justify Climate Change asbeing a man made catastrophe the truth is we are closing in on the true issue for us all.

Weare moving closer to a polar flip, and before the Sociolists blame this on Climate Change lets remind everyone this is a event that appears to occur to some degree every 100,000 years or so. A little before we can attribute this to man I would suggest.

And we must not take this event lightly as it will in all probability see the end of modern society aswe know it. Apparently we will seemore radiation reching the earths surface and this will not only impact on our obvious health concerns but will destroy sattelite communications and is expected to computersuseless and the internet as a story of myth. Our use of technology is unlikey to be relied on and we will be relying on our memories and if they survive our books to help us establish a new way of life.

As the last full reversal of the poles was 780,000 years ago we cant be sure of how devastating thiswill be on civilisation, but one thing is for certain to some degree this will occur. It has nothing to do with man made climate change. And we have no control over this occurring.

The South Atlantic Anomaly is a central point for investigations of this event. Look it up and you will find plenty of evidence


I had long stated the changing weather events have been a result of a change in Earths rotation and this is a more dramatic event than I imagined but it is logical and it has occurred previously, so is not a fabrication of our imaginations, unlike the Climate Change modelling from a biased UN.

This is the event our governments should be investigating and analysing the timline and affects of this event to plan for the future. Forget about wasting money on man made climate change or throwing money at aiding overseas countries and work out what is really needed to provide for Australians once this event occurs and start planning for that future.

Australia will need some free thinking Politicians with open minds to work towatds this. People with the courage to tell the UN to butt out and not listen to the scaremongers distracting from what will be needed to provide for the survival of Australia when the reversal eventually occurs.

The simple truth is we don’t know when this will occur and is epected any time in the neXt 2000 year period and we will need a well prepared action plan to deal with the dangers Australia may face and ensure our best options for surviving and moving forward in our changing future. Nature will as always adapt and it is up to us to adapt also no matter what the effect of a polar shift will be.

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Be Sun smart not Sun Blocked

by on Dec.11, 2017, under Australian


I grew up in the sun and worked outside until 1980’s. But never wore sunscreen and yes I got burnt early in summer at times or I just developed a healthy tan. With every opportunity I had you found me outside embracing the sunshine. I am not naturally blessed with a darker skin tone and don’t really burn easily as long as I don’t live my life hiding from the sun. .I wear a pair of sunnies but learnt the more I wore these the more sun glare bothered me so balance this as much as possible..
t may cause a furor among our sunscreen-happy society, but you’re skin was naturally designed to be exposed and nourished by the sun. Sunshine works as a major player in optimal health by enhancing your production of vitamin D. Technically a hormone, vitamin D stimulates every cell in your body and plays a crucial role in modulating your immune health, strengthening your bones and cardiovascular health, controlling your appetite and inflammation, enhancing the look and feel of your skin, balancing neurotransmitters for healthy brain function, promoting balanced hormones as well as protecting against cancer. Since the 1970’s there has been both a 30% increase in sunscreen sales along with a staggering 30% increase in deaths from melanoma
Specifically for hormone health, adequate vitamin D levels have been shown to increase ovarian reserve, improve IVF outcomes and reproductive health in PCOS and endometriosis, as well as being helpful in the treatment of fibrocystic breasts.

Vitamin D, also known as colecalciferol, is produced from cholesterol in your body when you are exposed to UVB sunlight rays. Cholesterol is transported to your skin, unpacked and converted into Vitamin D3 after sun to skin contact.D3 is not the active form of vitamin D used by the body. It is required to further undergo a process first in your liver, to form 25-hydroxyvitaminD. This form of Vitamin D circulates in the blood and is processed in your kidneys, to produce the active form of vitamin D, calcitriol.

Sunshine is by far the best source of vitamin D for you, as your GP openly admits, although they are reluctant to suggest prolonged periods of sun. But as you would need to eat a whopping 1 kg of butter per day, to get the equivalent of around 1 hour of daily midday sunshine. The water soluble form of Vitamin D from the sunshine (as opposed to the fat soluble Vitamin D3 supplement), also offers powerful blood purifying effects and can help to treat high blood pressure. It is important to note however, that vitamin D can’t be produced from sun exposure through glass and when wearing sunscreen. These both act to filter out the UVB rays that are required to be exposed to the skin.
I am not saying everyone should be in the sun all day, however, we are becoming a society of house squatters scared of the sun and this is in my opinion harming our immune systems and reducing our ability to enjoy our sun.

Your sunscreen not only blocks vitamin D producing UVB rays, but it fails to effectively block the damaging UVA rays from the sun. The statistics are bearing this point out. UVB and UVB rays are important to receive together as they will give you a signal, through the pigmentation of your skin when you have been out in the sunshine for long enough. UVA rays are not blocked with sunscreen application and alone will fail to give you a sunburn red-flag. UVA rays actually damage vitamin D, contribute to photo-ageing and skin cancer. The damage is silent and you are blissfully unaware of the oxidative damage occurring in your skin. It is important to note that UVA rays still penetrate through glass, so cover up when you are near a sunny window seat.

Our thinking we’re protected because we aren’t getting burned is a fallacy, we allow the most damaging rays to penetrate our skin and do the insidious work, even as we block our burn signal and stop the production of melanin and cancer- preventing, immune boosting vitamin D. This may be leaving us more vulnerable to cancer than ever before.
Sunglasses also limit your exposure to the full spectrum of UV rays. They will block the important UVB, needed for vitamin D production however let through the damaging UVA rays.
Sunshine exposure free from sunglasses (even if you are in the shade), stimulates your pineal and hypothalamus glands in your brain and triggers the hormone balancing effects these glands have to offer. Wearing sunglasses in the morning can also prevent optimal cortisol production, the hormone needed to create a wakeful state by suppressing your sleep hormone melatonin. I personally limit the use of sunnies to the times involving a squint-fest when driving. I am not saying stop wearing sunnies nor am I saying don’t cover up at times but I am saying when we look at the statistics as we have increased our use of sunscreen we have in fact seen a increase in Melanoma cases.

Apart from blocking protective Vitamin D producing UVB while allowing damaging UVA rays, sunscreens contain a myriad of harmful carcinogenic chemicals and endocrine disrupting substances such as phalates and parabens.

Chemicals like oxybenzene, polymers, petroleum, parabens and PABA will cause the skin’s respiration process to be inhibited from inhaling oxygen and exhaling toxins and as we soak up the sun these chemicals are baking into our bodies. The main ingredient that makes sunscreen work is oxybenzene and that is a powerful free radical generator that is classified as non carcinogenic, until it is exposed to sunlight! Many countries now regulate its use, due to these concerns.

The most effective time to increase your vitamin D level is midday, when the suns UVB rays are strongest. The time needed for direct sun to skin contact (without sunscreen) is dependant on your skin tone. This can range from 10 – 40 mins. You do not however want to over expose yourself to the sun to the point of causing sun burn- it’s about knowing your limits. If you burn easily, you may need to avoid midday initially, but receive longer times in the sun in the morning and late afternoon.

It is best to build your sun exposure gradually during spring thus allowing your body’s melanocyte cells to produce a protective pigmentation (tan). Start with 15 minutes morning and afternoon sunshine, with as much skin exposed as possible. By slowly building your sun exposure over time, as your tan develops you you may be able to head out at midday for longer as you will be better protected from the suns harsher rays, present during the summer months.

I believe you need to get your daily dose of the sunshine free from sunscreen and sunglasses. If you’re outside for long periods of time and further protection is needed, cover up with clothing and a wide brimmed hat and consider non-nano Zinc Oxide, Antioxidant rich foods can also provide natural protection against burning, such as rubbing in coconut oil onto your body at night and consuming coconut products, berries, spirulina, sea buckthorn, olives, turmeric and green leafy vegetables in your daily diet. Enhancing your Glutathione levels will also provide important antioxidant skin protection.

Humans are naturally designed to be outside, soaking up the UVB rays. Take off the sunnies, hold off on the toxic sunscreen and gain the vitamin D rich benefits of the beautiful sunshine. Begin your increased exposure now and strengthen your body’s natural sunburn protection in the summer months. You will become healthier and happier as a result.
Remember I am not suggesting we can all spend all our time in the sun, but if we stop plying on the sunscreen and make sure we get some healthy sun’s rays chemical free then cover up to stop burning I believe we will reap the benefits.

We must remember we don’t want to burn our skin and if you see anything suspicious go see a doctor, but you will be doing that already and it will remain as good advice, However like many things in society we are being overly cautious and this caution is actually harming us rather than benefiting us. All I am doing here is telling you the facts and giving my opinion on what we can do to improve our life and health. I just hope you read these details and think this over and decide for yourself because we are being fooled into believing the sun is bad for us and we should not risk getting a tan for fear of melanoma.

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The Danger of ALP in Qld

by on Nov.18, 2017, under Australian


The local member for the area of Gympie, Tracey McWilliam has signed a pledge to allow abortion at any stage of any pregnancy. To be fair Roxanne Kennedy-Perriman of The Green Party has signed this also meaning that a baby can be aborted up to the time of birth. This is one almost one step short of legalizing murder of a baby after birth as you don’t like how they look. I am not against abortion in it’s entirety however the question of when they are a living, sentient being cannot be ignored as it is the difference between us and wild or primitive animals in our cognitive abilities as human beings. I know ALP believe in Euthanasia also which leads me to ask why death is so strong in their policies?

The number of babies born alive during late-term abortions in the Australian state of Queensland every year more than tripled in ten years, Health Minister Cameron Dick told the Queensland Parliament as it considers a bill to legalize abortion on demand in the state. Abortion is illegal in Queensland except when deemed necessary for the “preservation of the mother’s life,” which courts have interpreted to include physical and mental health. The Health Minister reported that the number of late-term abortions resulting in live births jumped from eight in 2005 to 27 in 2015. There have been a total of 204 live births from late-term abortions from 2005 to 2015. Queensland Health confirmed that these babies are not cared for after their birth and are left to die in abortion centers.

And yet they think it is right to shove LGBT(abcde) down our kids throats in school just as they have with Climate Change and other Socialist agendas whenever they get into a position of power. Reference:http://www.fairagenda.org/qld_candidate_pledge


From ALP party platform document –
Labor will invest in professional development, training and ongoing support for school principals, teachers and support staff so that they can support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer/questioning students and create more inclusive and supportive school environments.

From ALP party platform document –
Labor has prioritised reproductive justice for Queenslanders by referring the issue of modernising Queensland’s laws relating to termination of pregnancy to the Queensland Law Reform Commission.
Labor believes that all people should be free to make their own reproductive and sexual health choices for their own bodies.
Labor will actively pursue the decriminalisation of termination of pregnancy in Queensland and will amend the law so that all legal distinctions between termination of pregnancy and other medical procedures are abolished by repealing sections 224, 225 and 226 of the
Criminal Code Act 1899 (Qld) within the next term of government.

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It is more than a name

by on Oct.16, 2017, under Australian


George Bernard Shaw following a political awakening, he joined the gradualist Fabian Society and became its most prominent pamphleteer. Was an inspired Polemicist which is contentious rhetoric that is intended to support a specific position by aggressive claims and undermining of the opposing position. Polemics are mostly seen in arguments about controversial topics. The practice of such argumentation is called polemics. A person who often writes polemics, or who speaks polemically, is called a polemicist.

We should recognize this tactic which is being used extensively today by Socialists through Islam phobia, Misogynists, dinosaurs, racists, sexists, homophobes, bigots, scandalous and scaremongers as well as being xenophobic,.

If we disagree with their point of view we are said to be sprouting hate speech or gay bashing, or we are racist or sexist or religious nuts. These are the common terms they use to shut down our speech and like with Bernard Shaw and the Fabians they have infiltrated the Education system, the media and political parties the entertainment industry and sporting organizations to use Polemics to its most effective use and to influence others who are afraid to be labeled by them for voicing their own views.

This is what people must keep in mind this tactic has been used for years and as their circulation has increased so has the effect of polemics. Think about how wide spread the attack using misogyny from Gillard and the attack on Islamphobia. Now it is spreading to many aspects of our life and they are using it to silence the NO campaign on SSM as well.

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Socialism 101

by on Sep.27, 2017, under Australian


Socialism sounds perfect for youth as they re told they are the sections of society which suffer more under capitalism, nor stand to gain more from socialism, than women and youth, and particularly Aboriginal and migrant women and youth.

Youth unemployment is claimed to stand at over 17% nationally and up to 50% in many working class areas. These youth are painted a picture of little hope of getting jobs, and many school leavers and unemployed opt for further education, of course it is then explained to them due to inadequate education funding it has meant that over 50,000 would be students consistently miss out on university places every year.

They are quick to use these stats to tell the youth they continue to be discriminated against by Social Security policy. And those lucky enough to find jobs, are usually told that through casual hours and their claimed poverty wages due to junior rates of pay, they are discriminated against also.

They believe with its fresh enthusiasm and aggressive spirit, it is the youth who are to the fore in all great movements for social change ie GetUp. They convince our youth they are being used as cheap labour, are being denied proper education, and as they feel their hopes for a brighter future is being ruined, the youth of Australia will inevitably revolt against capitalism.

Using this wording it raises the sense of entitlement among our inexperienced youth and convince them they are victims of a capitalist society. All the words, all the promises are telling our youth that Socialism will resolve all the problems, what of course they fail to mention is Socialism fails anytime and that it is designed to eventually bankrupt a government as it keeps spending constantly and it borrows this money to allow their spending to continue. Of course eventually society cannot make the payments of the amount being borrowed and no new jobs have been created but this is because without the rich employer or the lower paid employee they are not going to expand a business creating further job opportunities

But the youth is not enough, no less vital is the task of mobilising, organising and drawing more, working class women into the labour movement. Although Australia has one of the highest percentage of working women organised in unions of any of the OECD countries.

Despite the fact that women workers ‘won’ equal pay in 1969, 1972 and again in 1974, their average weekly wage was still claimed to be only 78.8% that of males by the end of 1990. These stats were perfect for Socialism to claim wage discrimination fills the pockets of the bosses who save millions of dollars a year at the expense of women workers. Howver they fail to mention on the whole women are more than three times more likely to be unemployed, due to this.

Now I believe in pay equality it does not matter who you are if you are capable of doing the same job you should earn the same pay, however, it might be time men’s wages are reduced to make this happen if we want to see an increase of job oppotunities as let’s face it employers are not there to make their employees wealthy they want the best profit they can get and will omly grow a business opning more employment if it is financially beneficial. Of course if you take the Socialist approach, this type of business will fail to grow as the profit margin is not worth it and employment opportunities will reduce as they push for higher wages constantly.

Socialism get ivolved with minority issues incluing ATSI and LGBT as activism creates the anarhy Socialism needs to survive. these miorities are initially helped through the activism however, it soon becomes a sense of entitlement approach where they blieve they are always being disadvantaged through no fault of their own.

A classic example is The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was founded on Australia Day in 1972 which still is in existence, this was created by Socialist activists and the messages were never about unification, but about the woes of the ATSI people. For a while this brought issues to the fore and helped the Aboriginal issues be aired and solutions found or attempts to find solutions. But this quickly turned int a sense of entitlement and the ativism created a greater rift between ATSI and other Australians rather than assisting in unifying the Nation.

And we all know about the LGBTI(xyz) activism demanding more and more rights for less than 5% of the population although it has a far reachng affect on the majority of Australians and making freespeech a issue with every successful campaign. This of course is a part of the Socialist plan to eventually block free speech and to demoralise the majority of Australians due to their own rights and traditions being eroded to a point where giving an opinion is regarded as hate speech.

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Truth is the new Hate speech

by on Sep.12, 2017, under Australian

images (4)

Remember while lodging your postal vote if you are voting NO, you will be subjected to a tirade from YES campaigners if they believe they know which way you have voted and if you retaliate they will not hesitate to report you on the basis of below.

In NSW it is generally against the law to vilify people because of their:
• race, colour, nationality, descent, ethnic, ethno-religious or national origin
• homosexuality (lesbian or gay)
• HIV or AIDS status
• transgender status.

This includes vilification because someone is thought to be lesbian, gay or transgender even if they are not, or thought to have HIV or AIDS, even if they don’t.
NSW anti-discrimination law defines vilification as a public act that could incite or encourage hatred, serious contempt or severe ridicule towards people because of the above characteristics.

The vilification law only covers acts that are in public. It does not cover acts that are not public, for example abuse over a back fence that no-one else can hear.

Public acts could include the following:
• remarks in a newspaper, journal or other publications
• remarks on radio or television
• material on the internet, including social networking sites such as Facebook and micro-blogging services such as Twitter
• graffiti
• putting up posters or stickers
• verbal abuse
• making speeches or statements
• making gestures
• wearing badges or clothes with slogans on them.

However, if you vote YES none of this applies. There are no Vilification laws to protect heterosexual people especially if you are caucasian so these campaigners can say whatever they like and of course ban you from any business just because you voted NO and no law applies to protect you from this.

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You must vote NO to stop the rot

by on Sep.12, 2017, under Australian


If the Same Sex Marriage bill goes ahead what will be next? We will now have a precedent to say we cannot exclude any of the below surely as the Marriage Equality campaign is saying

“Marriage equality is about the values we hold dear. All Australians should be treated equally under the law — and that includes being able to marry the person they love.”
Then what about these?

the practice or custom of having more than one wife or husband at the same time.

polygamy in which a woman has more than one husband.

the state or practice of having more than one wife or female mate at a time

Cousin or sibling marriage
It is common in the Middle East, for instance, where it accounts for over half of all marriages in some countries. In some countries outside that region, it is uncommon but still legal like in Australia.

In Australia you cannot marry your brother or sister, or one of your parents, grandparents, or your own child or grandchild. In some countries it is illegal to marry your first cousin, but not in Australia.

How though will this continue to be justified if a couple are in love they should be allowed to marry according to the SSM campaigners, therefore should not the obvious progression be to change the laws to allow incestuous marriage if they are in love?

Isn’t this the argument and premise of changing our marriage laws that if you are in love you should have the right to marry?

Supporters of incestuous marriage and where it is banned view the prohibition as discrimination, while opponents may appeal to moral or other arguments. Worldwide, more than 10% of marriages are between first or second cousins, which is significantly higher than Same Sex Couples. In the past, cousin marriage was practiced within indigenous cultures in Australia, North America, South America, and Polynesia.

Speciesism and Interspecies marriage.
involves the assignment of different values, rights, or special consideration to individuals solely on the basis of their species membership. The term is sometimes used by animal rights advocates, who argue that speciesism is a prejudice similar to racism or sexism, in that the treatment of individuals is predicated on group membership and morally irrelevant physical differences. Their claim is that species membership has no moral significance.

The term is not used consistently, but broadly embraces two ideas.] It usually refers to “human speciesism” (human supremacism), the exclusion of all nonhuman animals from the rights, freedoms, and protections afforded to humans. It can also refer to the more general idea of assigning value to a being on the basis of species membership alone, so that “human–chimpanzee speciesism” would involve human beings favouring rights for chimpanzees over rights for dogs, because of human–chimpanzee similarities.

I can go on but feel my point is made that if we are forced to change the marriage laws for one minority group shouldn’t all minority groups have access to these same laws isn’t that what marriage equality is all about.

I know it is the reason I will be voting NO as the implications of this claim of marriage equality going ahead will be huge and we will be forced to accept all of the above situations as how can we claim these do not have the same rights?

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The problem with Socialism

by on Sep.11, 2017, under Australian


This is where our Socialist ALP and Greens are taking Australia. Don’t say it won’t happen here, just look at their track records and you will see this in their Socialist mantra.

Sacramento, California is paying gangbangers $1.5 million USD to not kill people.

You’d think they couldn’t get anymore stupid than that, however, California, is the front-line for the very Socialist Sanctuary Cities in US. Most of which have also pledged to fight Trump. Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento prohibit law enforcement from cooperating with immigration authorities. They are all willing to risk millions of dollars in federal funds for their current residents essentially to provide social justice for those here now illegally and in the future.
Long before all of that, of course, California has led the way for its brand of social justice on social issues as well. When they have, they do more than talk about it – they spend your money on it, including in the schools.

Finally, we cannot forget that California has the most stringent and expensive regulations in the world as part of its effort to fight “climate change.” Estimates run to over a billion dollars spent in California each year to change the world’s climate – or at least to prevent it from changing any more. Now Mr. de León wants to prevent the use of any fossils fuels in the state by 2045.

Gillard most recently, was leading us down this path and not scared to spend our money to enforce her plans on us. She wanted to accept all illegal immigrants and given time would have introduced laws with the Greens making it illegal to report these illegal immigrants from being reported to authorities, regardless of the implications because this is the Socialist/Communist ways of creating anarchy and destroying democracy in any Country they gain power of. If you think the SSM issue is harmless it is just another stepping stone to the Socialists, it is another move on their way to change society and destroy Community spirit. The recent banning of Australia Day celebrations by a couple of Communist controlled councils was another of the steps to reduce the famous Australian sense of mateship and pride in our being Australian.

Our Education system even when the curriculum is not changed I am hearing from kids the Socialist rhetoric their teachers are preaching to them. My daughter included. She hates Trump, why? Because he wants to build a wall, to stop people illegally living in US??? She cannot discuss this, cannot tell me why this is wrong, just that this is why she hates a man she doesn’t know. Even though he hasn’t actually done anything on this yet.

The only mention about North Korea is that Trump is at fault and is pushing them to war. This is the crap or kids are being convinced of by a very Socialist Education system and why ALP and Greens are so desperate to get young people enrolled to vote and want the age reduced to get more kids allowed to vote.

So the next time you think maybe Socialism/Communism is worth voting in think about what you will be doing because they won’t ask your opinion on policies, you won’t get to say you disagree with them and they won’t live up to their election promises “there will not be a Carbon Tax under a Government I lead” until the day after they won the election she must have meant.

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. Winston Churchill

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Too much doubt to vote anything except NO

by on Sep.10, 2017, under Australian


In a article written by Thomas Harrison, a Socialist Gay rights advocate, he claims:

SAME-SEX DESIRE has always been a part of human life. There is much evidence, though not yet conclusive, that a predominant sexual attraction to members of one’s own sex is innate. But innate or not, we know that it is definitely formed early in life, certainly before the age of ten.

The absurdity of the claim that homosexuality is contrary to “human nature” can easily be demonstrated by pointing to the wide variety of attitudes toward same-sex desire to be found in human societies throughout history. At the opposite extreme from modern post-Christian homophobia are the attitudes and practices of ancient Greece, especially Athens. There, sexual relations between men were not only accepted but praised. As in all cultures, however, strict rules governed sexual conduct, and Greek homoeroticism was accompanied by a strong tradition of misogyny.

Michel Foucault was one of the first to show that the Greeks did not treat sexual desire as a problem, as Christianity has always done.1 He argued that sex for the ancient Greeks was analogous to eating and drinking — one appetite among others, to be indulged in moderation. Since Foucault, other historians have reconstructed the elaborate ethical discourse with which the Greeks surrounded homoerotic desire.

Where I am not arguing this, I think much is not being mentioned about this Ancient Greek and Roman sexuality. They weren’t just open to sexual encounters between men, they also were into Pedophilia, Pederasty, incest, orgies, and bestiality, equally. Pederasty is seldom heard about now as we call it all under the umbrella of pedophilia however it was the particular practice of adult males taking young boys for sex and had no interest in them as they began growing facial hair. Young girls were taking as wives and lovers and kept not just for sexual gratification but also as breeding stock whereas the famous orgies allowed for any combination of these sexual practices. It was not uncommon for women in a family to be used by their male siblings or relatives in either the Greek or Roman cultures of the time. And Bestiality was not considered abhorrent in either Greek or Roman culture either and was practiced among the sexual practices of the time.

So if the Gay right activists want to try and use these times as early open acceptance of same sex desires, I must suggest to do this they also accept the other aspects of what was considered acceptable during this period of sexual debauchery.

Just because these same sex desires were around in the ancient cultures does not mean it should therefore just be accepted in modern society or we have to consider whether all of the practices of those days should be acceptable now also. If people have same sex desires that is their business, however stop trying to force it onto us all. Christianity fought against these practices over the centuries and now we have this Socialist push against the Churches to force us to accept same sex marriage. It is not acceptable any more than marrying a child, a family member or a animal is acceptable in society.

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