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Rain from Nowhere

by on Dec.04, 2016, under Australia, Australian

This is a poem written by a real farmer ( in Australia) to highlight the seriousness of the depression they are suffering out there.


His cattle didn’t get a bid, they were fairly bloody poor,
What was he going to do? He couldn’t feed them anymore,
The dams were all but dry, hay was thirteen bucks a bale,
Last month’s talk of rain was just a fairytale,

His credit had run out, no chance to pay what’s owed,
Bad thoughts ran through his head as he drove down Gully Road
“Geez, great grandad bought the place back in 1898,
“Now I’m such a useless bastard, I’ll have to shut the gate.
“Can’t support my wife and kids, not like dad and those before,
“Even Grandma kept it going while Pop fought in the war.”
With depression now his master, he abandoned what was right,
There’s no place in life for failures, he’d end it all tonight.

There were still some things to do, he’d have to shoot the cattle first,
Of all the jobs he’d ever done, that would be the worst.
He’d have a shower, watch the news, then they’d all sit down for tea
Read his kids a bedtime story, watch some more TV,
Kiss his wife goodnight, say he was off to shoot some roos
Then in a paddock far away he’d blow away the blues.
But he drove in the gate and stopped – as he always had
To check the roadside mailbox – and found a letter from his Dad.

Now his dad was not a writer, Mum did all the cards and mail
But he knew the style from the notebooks that he used at cattle sales,
He sensed the nature of its contents, felt moisture in his eyes,
Just the fact his dad had written was enough to make him cry.
“Son, I know it’s bloody tough, it’s a cruel and twisted game,
“This life upon the land when you’re screaming out for rain,
“There’s no candle in the darkness, not a single speck of light

“But don’t let the demon get you, you have to do what’s right,
“I don’t know what’s in your head but push the bad thoughts well away
“See, you’ll always have your family at the back end of the day
“You have to talk to someone, and yes I know I rarely did
“But you have to think about Fiona and think about the kids.
“I’m worried about you son, you haven’t rung for quite a while,
“I know the road you’re on ’cause I’ve walked every mile.
“The date? December 7 back in 1983,
“Behind the shed I had the shotgun rested in the brigalow tree.

“See, I’d borrowed way too much to buy the Johnson place
“Then it didn’t rain for years and we got bombed by interest rates,
You said ‘Where are you Daddy? It’s time to play our game’
“‘ I’ve got Squatter all set up, you might get General Rain.’
“It really was that close, you’re the one that stopped me son,
“And you’re the one that taught me there’s no answer in a gun.
“Just remember people love you, good friends won’t let you down.
“Look, you might have to swallow pride and get a job in town,
“Just ’til things come good, son, you’ve always got a choice
“And when you get this letter ring me, ’cause I’d love to hear your

Well he cried and laughed and shook his head then put the truck in gear,
Shut his eyes and hugged his dad in a vision that was clear,
Dropped the cattle at the yards, put the truck away
Filled the troughs the best he could and fed his last ten bales of hay.
Then he strode towards the homestead, shoulders back and head held high,

He still knew the road was tough but there was purpose in his eye.
He called for his wife and children, who’d lived through all his pain,
Hugs said more than words – he’d come back to them again,
They talked of silver linings, how good times always follow bad,
Then he walked towards the phone, picked it up and rang his Dad.
And while the kids set up the Squatter, he hugged his wife again,
Then they heard the roll of thunder and they smelt the rain

The above is a indication of the pain at the heart of our farming community, if you are touched by it please show your support and click here https://www.facebook.com/friendsofaustraliansmalltowns/

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Dismantling of

by on Nov.09, 2015, under afghanistan, Asylum Seekers, Australia, defence, Iraq, Islam, politics, war


There really is only one solution to Islam…the total dimantlement of this insidious creation.

Why can’t they just rewrite their scriptures I hear it said, well the answer is obvious when you look at the teaching.

1. The religious side of Islam is stolen from other religions.
2. The man they call a prophet was a murderer, pedophile, rapist and thief….there is no rewriting this.
3. The main law of Islam is primative, vile and does not fit into modern society
4. The ceation of Islam was the murder of anyone who failed to obey, the enslavement of the women and children, the rape of these slaves, and the death of any who refused to convert.
5. Muslims were not allowed to live their own lives, they are told how to think and how to act.
6. Women remain second class citizens
7. A woman will be punished if a man rapes her.
8. A woman cannot pray alongside a man
9. Women are taught from young this is the way of their life and must accept it or be punished.
10. Children are taught of the glory in violence that Islam is based on.
11. Even Jesus Christ wa stolen by these people and reduced to being a prophet of Islam.
12. Jesus lived 600 years before Islam was even thought about, proving Islam is a scam made up by a man.
13. Aisha a 9 year old child bride of Muhammad is honoured as his wife. Pedophilia should never be accepted.
14. They are taught it is ok to lie to non muslims in the Quran
15. They are taught any non believers must die and Islam is the only religion.
16. Judaism is hated by Islam as it started some 4000 years before Islam was crated and is the religion Muhammad stole a lot of its beliefs from and the religion Muhammad tried to kill off during his reign of terror.
17. During the holocaust Islam stood side by side with the Nazis in the killing of Jews.
18. Islam has been the the instigator of most wars in the middle East and Mediterranean in the past 1400 years.
19. Regardless of claims extremist beliefs are not what Islam really is, it is these extremists who control the Islamic homelands and have enforced Islamic law.
20. A believer is expected to pray 5 times a day. This is a sign of brain washing as any true religion has faith in it’s believers and knows they have chosen freely their religion without fear or favour to influence them.

This is why Islam is a fraud, it is not a religion of any Gods creation. Religion does not condone violence towards it’s fellow man, it does not expect man to submit to a religion, it would not be forged out of the steel of war, instead it expects man to decide for themselves. Religion does not have a set of laws that will punish a victim rather than show compassion for them, nor does it expect a constant barrage of praying to prove your love in god.

It is said God gave man the ability of independent thought, the decision to believe is left in man’s hands to make our own decisions and regardless of what those decisions are God loves his greatest creation.
If god does exist, this would be the true god, the one that wants your love and devotion, but not out of intimidation or fear, rather due to a free decision and belief that God is deserving of your devotion.

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Increasing security in Police stations is not the solution?

by on Oct.19, 2015, under Uncategorized

Under the headline ‘Security upped at NSW police stations’ we are told as a result of the Islamic threat, which supposedly just needs respect and tolerance to resolve we will be spending $millions to makevpolice stations safer. Well it appears respect may be what the rest of us are expected to use to deal with this threat, but our armed police are being given a new definition of respect.

Security has been upped at NSW police stations and security will apparently be tightened at NSW police stations considered high-risk targets following the fatal shooting outside Parramatta police headquarters earlier this month.  Can anyone explain why some police stations are considered high risk but others not?

Multimillion dollar upgrades are expected to get underway within months and will include perimeter fencing, fortified security screens, remote-door access and CCTV.  Lets get something straight here though, no one actually went into the station and fired shots, so why the over reaction?  Our police and their stations are always targets of many elements, yet because of Islam, they now need to upgrade security!  This is amazing as bikie gangs never prompted this action, organised crime did not prompt this action, but a 15 year old dead Islamic boy has forced this action. Apart from increased CCTV, I don’t see a reason for this over-reaction.

According to Pat Gooley, vice president of NSW Police Association, Stations across the state will be upgraded but the focus will be on Sydney stations.  I admire our Police and welcome a return to 2 officers travelling in the same car and to attend incidents, but I am not filled with confidence over these measures as a result of a single attack. The attack being made outside of the police station, and apart from the victim of the attack, on a station with armed police officers.  How safe do you feel if our armed police need to adopt these safety measures at their work?

These officers require more protection in the field and in their private lives than in their stations. The next time you hear some politician claim it is all about public confidence and perception, ask them why we needed to upgrade security on the police stations, and how this fits in with increasing public confidence, perception and police safety in the eyes of the Community.


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Muhammad the False Prophet

by on Oct.19, 2015, under Uncategorized

How does anyone believe in the teachings of Muhammad who created a sham named Islam?  Their mighty Prophet named Mohammed was an opportunist that married a woman 15 years his senior because she was wealthy and had contacts. These contacts were from a tribe that was rejecting the idol worship and learning the ways of Judaism, and Christianity.

Muhammad at that time developed a plan that would see him as a man of wealth and importance, he declared he had a vision and this vision was claimed as being from god.  A uncle of great importance to the Arab peoples, who had just converted to Christianity was convinced this vision was from god and declared Mohammad was a Prophet to the Arab people. (continue reading…)

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In Defence of our Armed Forces

by on Oct.18, 2015, under 9/11, afghanistan, ANZAC, army, Asylum Seekers, Australia, Australian, Carbon Tax, censorship, Communism, Community, Constitution, defence, disgrace, Education, Election, Gallipoli, internet, Iraq, politics, Socialism, Society, tax, Tea Party, Uncategorized, Union, Vietnam, war

This story is exactly what has been occurring in our Defence Forces for years.  We were never paid well, but in my years we had certain perks that helped. Now these perks don’t exist and neither does the camaraderie we had then. It is a tougher life for many in the Defence Force, but in particular for those that are being sent into war zones.

They can look forward to some of the worst type of fighting we can imagine since the Vietnam war.  Roadside bombs, fighting insurgents dressed as civilians, insurgents hiding behind civilians, and even the local allies have been infiltrated by insurgents. (continue reading…)

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The fallacy of a moderate Islam

by on Oct.18, 2015, under Uncategorized

I have recently blogged in regard to the regression of Islam. People claim that the moderate Muslim exists, but nobody seems to really agree on what he or she looks like, how he or she acts, behaves, what she believes in, how he or she practices.

The way I see it the moderate Muslim died off in 1985 or there abouts. This was the time Muslims who had lived without fear, when Muslim men and women were relatively equal, and education was for all. But since then The Taliban reintroduce and enforced Shariah law, and this relatively small group of extremists took control of Islam once again. (continue reading…)

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Woman’s rights are for ALL women in Australia

by on Oct.18, 2015, under Uncategorized

Islamic law (Sharia) requires women to cover themselves.  The practical application in modern Muslim countries varies with a combination of individual and social taste.  The Taliban require full burqas (covering everything, including a mesh for the eyes), while the formerly secular governments of Turkey and Tunisia actually banned headscarves in public buildings (the bans have since been lifted following the Islamist ascension). (continue reading…)

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The Changing Fortune of Afghanistan Women

by on Oct.17, 2015, under Uncategorized

Until the 1980’s women in Afghanistan were free to dress in their choice, in photos of the times these women seemed happy and care free. children played happily in the streets and men were content. During the 1980’s though, the Taliban started a push for Shariah Law and due to the capitulation in Mosques, women’s rights started to erode.  By 1992 the Taliban had enough control and had formulated the dress code in Afghanistan and women who failed to comply were punished severely under Shariah law and these punishments were public to ensure other women understood their fate if they did not obey.  Thus was the erosion of Women s rights in Afghanistan and the control of a country by it’s captors known as the Taliban. (continue reading…)

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The Islamic Institution and Leftist Media

by on Oct.16, 2015, under Australian

There is a lot of media attention against people that are outspoken against Islam. Some Politicians should keep their mouths closed as the more they speak, the more their ignorance shows.  Now the media is defending Shari ah law in the same way they embraced Gillard’s misogyny speech.  This shows the media has little true concept of the issues, as you cannot support  women’ issues and Shari ah law,  they are at the two ends of the spectrum.

Of course Left wing media their only consideration is confusing the public and demonising right wing thinking.

Apparently it is ok for The Greens to demonise the West for the beheading and terrorist attacks, but it is wrong for us to say this will not be tolerated, or to raid homes in Australia and arrest Muslim terrorists planning attacks in Australia.  Of course Malcolm Turncoat as always stirred this up with his own Left wing agenda as he does, allowing the media to use terms like “even MT spoke out against Muslim bashing” and now as PM he believes we should show them respect..

I have nothing against many of the Muslim people, it is the farcical claims this is a religion, and the pretence it is a religion of peace I challenge strongly.  Even their beloved Muhammad was no more than a man who used a story heard from Christians and Jesus then twisted the story to his own end, and created a story surrounding him being visited by Allah.  This supposed prophet married a woman much his senior in order to curry favour with prominent figures and then to promote Islam years after he had armies invade lands and kill the men and enslave the women in the name of Islam.  He proved himself to be beyond condemnation when he married a 6 yo girl, and began sexual contact with her by the time she was 9 yo. This is the truth of Islam it is not a religion, it is not a religion of peace, it is a militant based organisation, who is charged with the spread of the Islamic state throughout the world.

I repeat Islamic state, not religion. This group believes in enslaving it’s women, even the more moderate, do not treat women as equals.  Yet the media who embraced the Misogyny speech, skate over this issue saying it is racist to attack Muslims.  I am not sure the Media are responsible in their reporting, when they are concentrating on their continuing attack on our right wing government, police were forced to shoot a terror suspect in Melbourne after he stabbed 2 officers. This has occurred while Islamic terrorists are beheading captives overseas, and while women are stuck in medieval treatment under Shari ah law.  And when a 15 yo Muslim boy killed a innocent Police Accountant, the media, our Politicians and the Muslim Community were telling us this was our fault for not making Muslims feel more welcome in Australia.

I still cannot bring myself to blame every Muslim, or claim they are all extremists, however, they cannot believe Islam is a religion if they look at it’s start, they cannot claim it is a religion of peace when they look at it’s history and they cannot hide behind claims of racism when they have created their own suburbs, their own Communities, refuse to join in with others in Australia, and condemn others for not believing in the farce that is Islam.



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Muslim youth who were NOT radicalised

by on Oct.13, 2015, under Uncategorized

I am flabbergasted at what our Politicians, the media and the Islamic Community want us to accept.

We are told by these Politicians and in particular the Muslim Community, the only way to stop these murderous youth becoming radicalised is in including them in our society. They commit crimes because they don’t feel accepted by Australians.

I came to Australia in 1965 and not once did I think why don’t you accept me, instead I became a , of my new country.  I have had many friends over many years that came to Australia and made it their home, and guess what; they also worked hard and joined in with the Australian community.  And each and every one of us considers ourselves proud Australians.

Now we have people coming into Australia bleating that they are not being given a chance, calling themselves  ‘wherever they came  from – Australians’  and blaming Australia for any crimes they commit.

So let’s look at the crimes that are not committed by so called radicalised youth just to be fair

I will concentrate on two horrific crimes that had nothing to do with radicalisation by extremists on youth:

Nine men out of a gang of 14 Lebanese Muslims were convicted for attacks in which the rapists called their victims ‘Aussie pigs.’

A victim of notorious Australian rapes live in fear as two-thirds of this gang has been quietly freed.

A victim who was a 16-year-old when she was raped by the gang leader, Bilal Skaf, in front of 12 men in a public park and had a gun held to her head by a second man who also raped her, before kicking her in the stomach.
The gang members, aged between 13 and 18 years, lured the girls from shopping centres and train stations and took them to parks and public toilet blocks.
One of the victims was raped 25 times by a total of 14 men at Bankstown, in Sydney’s west, in an ordeal that lasted six hours, during which the attackers subjected her to racist taunts. They called her an ‘Aussie Pig’, told her she would be raped ‘Leb-style’ and asked if ‘Leb c*** tastes better than Aussie c***’.  Two 16-year-old girls were raped repeatedly over five hours and told ‘you deserve it because you’re Australian’.

The sentencing judge compared the crimes to ‘wartime atrocities’

The brothers who organised the rapes and the actions of their parents and other relatives after the attacks are below

  1. Mohammed Skaf, Bilal’s brother and fellow  gang rape attacker serving 32 years’ jail for his part in the attacks. Bilal and Mohammed are the sons of Mustapha Skaf and Baria Skaf who immigrated to Australia from Lebanon.
  2. In 2002, Mustafa Skaf (his father) was accused of offering a bribe to a prison officer.  Mr Skaf allegedly phoned the maximum security facility at 1.30pm on Wednesday 22 September 2002, and was put through to a duty officer. He gave his name and telephone number and asked to speak to his son. When the officer told him that outside calls had to be booked in advance and approved for set times, Mr Skaf offered to pay $100 to be put through to his son. The officer dismissed the offer and ended the conversation. He immediately called the number from the calling number display, and Mustafa Skaf answered.
  3. In September 2002, Bilal’s mother, Baria, was caught on video attempting to smuggle a letter (to his then fiancée) out of the prison. She was barred from visiting all NSW jails for a period of two years.
  4. During the trial the rapists’ female relatives spat at court officials.
  5. The Ashfield gang rapes were another series of attacks involving indecent assault and rape of possibly as many as eighteen teenaged women of varying ethnic backgrounds which were carried out in Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia in late 2001 and over a six-month period in 2002.  A group of four Pakistani brothers and a Nepali student were convicted and imprisoned for the rapes.
    It has been alleged, and indeed claimed by the rapists themselves, that the rapes originated in the clash of Pakistani and Australian cultures, that the rapists did not understand the notion of consent, or that they saw their victims as consenting on the basis of behaviour which Pakistani girls would not engage in. The judge in their trial reprimanded their lawyer in the trial for attempting to use this argument
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